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“Innovation is dissatisfaction with the best solution.“ We are committed to developing cooling solutions for each customer that improve on today's definition of best.

Our know-how combines years of experience in cooling and the creativity of a young, modern and dynamic company striving to achieve the extraordinary.

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„Do you keep a cool head even in demanding situations? Then please apply and join our team!“

Antje Gornik - Management, Cool Tec Electronic GmbH

Unser Team


Over the years our team has built a strong corporate philosophy, based on principles that support our long-term goals and guide for new members of our team, and our business partners.


People are the key to our success. We respect and trust the people with whom we live and work.


Our highly competent, flexible, engaged employees are the bedrock of our company.


Our company exists to serve our customers. We do what we say, and measure our performance by the satisfaction of our customers today and over the long term.


Relationship with our suppliers and cooperation partners are based on reliability and fairness.


Individual customer requirements demand individual services. These are the services we provide.


We see marketing as a process of intensive observation of the market. We act before others react.


We are committed to quality. Our products meet the requirements of our customers. DIN ISO 9001 is the foundation of our quality commitment.

Environmental Protection

We protect the environment! Our work aims to sustain the environment and conserve resources. Innovative products demand innovative technologies.


Development requires planning. Sustained, controlled growth and constantly improving productivity are central to our company strategy.


Ambitious objectives reflect high standards. They drive our thinking and action. Future-oriented. Performance-driven. Objectives are the key to success. Our end goal is to benefit all people impacted by the electronic parts we cool and sustain.


Our approach to quality is aimed at 100 % customer satisfaction. This slogan remains as compelling today as it was decades ago when we implemented it. It is manifested in our work every day. We measure success by how completely we fulfil our customers' requirements. Quality in our products and services is a key contributor to that success.

  • Certification for DIN ISO 9001:2008
  • Initial sample test reports and acceptance test certificate 3.1
  • Accompanying production controls
  • 100 %-inspections
  • Serial numbers
  • Leak and pressure tests
  • RoHs and REACH-conformity of all products
  • Ongoing staff trainings


We live sustainability! Our daily work is focused on achieving long-term growth and success. The next generations should also benefit from our actions today. We are convinced that sustainable structures can only be created by understanding economic, ecological and social interconnections. We therefore deliberately follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The 17 goals, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are political objectives of the United Nations (UN) that are intended to secure sustainable development at economic, social and ecological levels.


Even though we identify with all 17 goals, we focus on three SDGs in particular:

As a globally active company, not only our working conditions are important to us, but also the working conditions of our national and international suppliers. As an attractive employer, we promote regional economic growth at our headquarters in Grossbreitenbach.

Innovation is our key growth driver, even though the Thuringian Forest is not known as the German Silicon Valley. Through our innovative products and partly unique production processes, we make an active contribution to strengthening the regional infrastructure.

We recycle 100%! Not only regarding our products, but also regarding packaging materials, we pay attention to reusability and recycling potential. Although we always follow our customers packaging instructions and expectations, we are very pleased to make suggestions for a sustainable packaging and shipping concept.