Our products cool electronic parts at Fortune Global 1000 companies

Fully aluminum cold plates for battery cooling in electric-powered trucks & buses
PCB cooling for fan-less power supplies in medical technology
Individual heatsinks for cooling energy-efficient industrial LED lighting
Efficient cabinet cooling by large roof and rear wall coolers
Cold plates with milled interior structures for cooling of electronic components of wind turbines and ship motors.

„Innovation is the dissatisfaction with the best solution“

Martin Lausberg - General Manager, Cool Tec Electronic GmbH

Individual heatsinks used in control systems, i.e. lifts and escalators
Coated crest heatsinks as system components for electronic control gear in professional lighting technology
Complex high performance cooling units in the material mix of aluminum, copper and heat piper for cooling industrial PC (IPC)
Individual heatsinks built using high-fin methods for wide range of uses in the field of automation and motion.